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Massive Bigfoot Encountered in Siskiyou County, CA

I recently received the following account:

I decided to come forward with an encounter I had in early September. I live in Etna, California (Siskiyou County) and occasionally go out to enjoy the nature in Klamath National Park, which is nearby. I've lived in the area all my 38 years, and I've heard all the stories about Bigfoot. There was a well-known story about a possible Bigfoot seen in the Marble Mountain Wilderness several years ago. In fact, there was a video associated with the incident. I'm not sure what that sighting was, but many locals believe it was a Bigfoot. I didn't really believe in Bigfoot until my encounter.

It was late afternoon, and I was driving along Sawyers Bar Rd. out near the old reservation area. I was hauling some supplies for a friend. It was kind of overcast, but not raining. As I was driving, I noticed something big and dark moving up towards the road from the Etna Creek ravine on my right. It startled me because I just didn't understan…

What Is Behind the Decline in UFO Sightings? - The Guardian

According to the two major online sites for reporting UFOs, there has been a 55% drop in sighting reports since 2014. Are UFOs a dead subject, reporter Philip Jaekl asks? Well, first of all, he makes the same error that just about everyone makes. The number of sighting reports is not equal to the number of true unidentifieds. Most reports of UFO are misidentifications. So maybe what this reveals is that people are more aware of what they are seeing and are not so quick to label what they are seeing as a truly unidentified flying object. Secondly, we have not seen any polls showing a decline in the belief in UFOs. But we'll grant one thing: the sociopolitical scene is weirder than anything UFOlogical these days. The weird has turned pro, and left UFOs in the dust. For a discussion of where UFO studies might be going today, check out the interview with Ryan Sprague on the Paranormal Podcast: Moving UFOlogy Forward. (PH)

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